NuTro Coffee Table Freshwater Aquarium Jelly Fish Tank Office Home Decor
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Mother Earth is Ascending, we humans are going along with her with a higher level of consciousness. We built this Aquarium with nature in mind, by the best on-ground Galactic minds. We wish to bring mother nature into every home, we aim to gradually return Earth to its pristine condition. While more and more humans are waking up to living in Unity Consciousness, it will become a natural instinct for us to desire to live at peace with Animals, Plants and other forms of consciousness. Our Aqua Table takes up minimal floor space. Self-contained unit with inbuilt filtration. Choice color wood base and top with crystal clear glass. Filter, lighting, plants, ornaments, and pump all included. Holds 65 litres. 46cm tall. Note: Prepaid orders only, we will not ship out orders with payment on delivery option.


Helps you sleep better

Reduces your blood pressure

Lowers your heart rate

Calms fray nerves

Gives your home or office a sophisticated look

Perfect place to keep remotes

Amazing combination of light effects, nature and functionality.

Ideal for corporate offices, Spas, Hospitals, Homes

Our coffee table aquarium doubles as your great looking table for storing away magazines, sipping tea etc

It also serves as your modern all-in-one fish tank aquarium.

Ideal for use in Offices, Homes, Spa, Hospitals etc, 

Water features have a calming effect and help create a peaceful atmosphere. The moving fish relaxes the nerves and reduces stress while adding spectacular focal points for interior design and decorating.

Watching fish as they swim is pleasant and inspiring. Glass fish tanks transform room decor with tranquility and bring good Feng Shui into interior decorating with the water and beautiful blue and green colors.

Fish tanks are not only appealing, but educational also. While creating a better, healthier and calmer interior design, aquariums encourage people to learn about fish and natural environment, and appreciated the simple beauty of wildlife.

We have carefully included the best accessories for maintaining an aquarium without the usual stress of keeping fishes. When you purchase our AquaTable, you would require nothing extra to keep it running besides adding water and fishes. It s Plug N Play.

Artificial Fishes: If you ever wish to own our Beautiful AquaTable as a decor without the hassle of feeding live fishes, we have carefully selected the best of artificial Seahorse, Jelly and Lion fish.


All-in-one Table Aquarium

Infinity Effect (Fishes appear multiple times)

Amazing LED effects(Control Ambience from your phone)

Glow in Dark Ornaments

4-way see through design

Clear Top-down view of Nature

Aesthetically eye- pleasing table design

Easy to clean and operate(Battery-operated aerator included)

Live Fishes (Optional)

Fish Feed (Optional)

Note: Prepaid orders only, we will not ship out orders with payment on delivery option.

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