Don't let road side mechanics make matters worse for your lovely VW/Audi Auto, they are not well equipped, trained and experienced to handle your ride.

Advise; get a faults report first, we advise on what you need to fix! We also bring the best out of your German machine with optional comfort functions activation.

We offer diagnostics, programming and advisory services on all modern VW & Audi Automobile.

Ranging from comprehensive faults report, to configuring comfort functions (Use keypad to roll windows up or down), removal of sit belt chimes, DRL always on/off, coming/leaving home lights activation, programming and relearning for transmission and a whole lot more.

What we do:

Keyfob programming

ECU matching (immobiliser)

Flight Recorder

ECU coding

Control unit coding

Actuator output tests

Service light reset

Reads fault codes from all modules

Fault codes clearing

Output / actuator tests

Over 20,000 fault codes and descriptions

All fault codes shown with real text meanings

We offer a comprehensive print-out after diagnosis and advice on how to fix

Note: We do not fix faults, we will only advise on how best to fix and other possible solutions.

We are available free in Abeokuta, other locations attract extra charges.

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Comprehensive Volkswagen Audi Auto Diagnostics & Advisory Service


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